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Storage Spaces stupidity and shortfalls

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Had a Hyper-V Guest with physical disk paythrough to two SSD's on a PCI adapter

The adapter fails

Reinstall the SSD's on two new adapters in different PCI slots

Disk boot online somehow, and storage spaces reads the dynamic disk info created in the guest VM, creates a pool and virtual disk out of thin air. 


Zero tools or commands to get storage spaces to ignore the disk, force the disk offline, and the only procedure to remove disks that had nothing to do with storage spaces are all destructive in nature.


the pool was marked unknown, delete the pool with health status unknown, lost all the data.


Major issues with crappy powershell commands, so inconsistent.  Why don't all of the work by identifying a disk by it's number?  Having to jump through too many hoops when it does something I didn't even want and wasn't even related to storage spaces.


When Storage spaces goes stupid.  There needs to be an easy way to tell it, F off and ignore physical disks without any consequences or data destruction.  All I needed to do was put them offline so I could assign them in hyper-v and you freaking can't in the scenario.


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