Storage Spaces Direct (4 Node Cluster) Hyper V

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In a lab environment we have a single system running Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition. And on this system we are running Hyper-V, which hosts 5 VMs:


  1. Domain Controller
  2. S1 (Storage Node)
  3. S2 (Storage Node)
  4. S3 (Storage Node)
  5. S4 (Storage Node)

We have two Hyper-V private virtual switches, one for the domain, and one for the S2D cluster.


What I want to know is can I simply add 4 virtual disks to each of the Storage Node servers, and use these disks as the drives which will used for the pool in the Failover Cluster. Each HDD in my scenario is 10GB in size.


Is there anything else I would need to do to allow the S2D cluster from accepting these disks. 


Again, this is just for a test scenario and not for deployment. The host machine is using a single SSD.




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