Storage Replica and HyperV physical / passthrough disk

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I tried to deploy an stretched HyperV cluster with Storage Replica. All is working flawlessly so far, however, I am unable to add an physical/passtrough disk to a HyperV VM after I enable the Storage Replica feature (this is a disk not replicated, or planned to replicate in the future). When I remove the Storage Replica feature, I am able to add the physical/passthrough disk to that VM.


I tried to remove Storage Replica, add the disk to VM, add Storage Replica again just to see the error message "Physical disk not found" in HyperV VM settings.


I expect this to be the behaviour by design, as it looks like the Storage Replica is claiming all disks upon arrival. So could please anybody from Microsoft confirm this?


Is there any chance to selectively exclude some devices/disks from claiming by Storage Replica (for example with specific device id/description through registry) and freeing them to HyperV VM physical disk?


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