Storage Migration server Transfer logs

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I am having an issue with downloading the Transfer logs files within the Windows Admin Center. Under Transfer Details I have highlighted the source server and selected to download the Transfer log, but under notifications for approximately two hours, it is still showing downloading log file. I located an article regarding the transfer log and made the change to the Microsoft.StorageMigration.Service.exe.config per the documentation to change the sendTimeout to 10 minutes, which I did, but on the next step I was unable to locate the SMSPowershell registry key to add the new DWORD WcfOperationTimeoutInMinutes as it was not listed within the registry path described in the documentation. Has anyone run into the same issue with the downloading file for the transfer still running after two hours? This job contains about 4.6 Millions files/6.05TB of data and the orchestrator is located on it's own VM. The source server is Server 2016 Std. and destination server is Server 2019 Std. Any assistance would be appreciated so I can find out what files didn't transfer and continue with the migration of the File Servers.

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