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SSL certificate for email

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My SSL certificate for email on my 2012 r2 exchange server expired. I went to GoDaddy and installed the new valid certificate but now I have both the old expired cert and the new valid cert. Now when I try to create a new email account and migrate it to 365 from my on-premise server (hybrid environment) it errors and says the certificate is invalid.
Can I remove the expired certificate? Or is there a different way for the exchange console to recognize the new valid cert instead of the old expired one?


I just don't want there to be issues if I remove the old certificate.

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@Dave Patrick I appreciate the link. I have already followed those instructions and the certificate shows to be valid. I did some more digging and found a link that I think better explains part of my hangup. Looks like it has more to do with bindings.


I still need to know if I can remove the old, expired certificate or not.