SMS migrate 2012R2 fileserver to 2019 server. Questions/potential issues

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Currently we have a 2012R2 Standard fileserver that needs to migrate to a 2019 Standard server. I would like to use Storage Migration Service to do so, but the 2012R2 server also provides a few things that I am concerned about using SMS for:

1. It is using DFSR for 'data collection' (backup to a central storage server) - will that seamlessly migrate or will the replication group need to be deleted and re-created?

2. Users' personal data folders (Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos) are redirected to the 2012R2 server, also using "offline files" for users with laptops or tablet computers. Will that migrate without issue or should I take other measures?

3. There are also domain based DFS Namespaces set up. Will those migrate or will they need to be re-set up?


Ideas? Advice?   Thank you in advance for helping me with these questions.


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