Small problem while routing internet with a Windows Server

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Hello everyone.


We have an internet access link and we use a Windows Server 2016 to route this internet to our network.


The internet access works fine, however some of our Windows computers and Android cell phones sometimes display warnings about a lack of connection, while the internet access is fully functional.

Are there any services that must be running to ensure computers can see the existence of an internet connection?

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You'll need to install the RRAS role to use windows as a router.



@Dave Patrick 


Oh yeah, we have the routing up and running. The internet is being routed to our devices and they can access the web no problem.


It's just that sometimes during the day the computers will show the "no internet" on the connection, even thou they are connected to the web.

Oh for sure, it's just people keep calling about it so if it's something I can fix it would make me happy.

@rocharox Sorry, but doubtful. You can however report this as feedback to product engineering team.

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