Slow-lag behavior with domain users at individual station nodes

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Hello friends.

I was wondering if you could help me with next situation.


I have a Control System managed by 2 redundant servers (Windows Server 2019 Standard) with redundant domain controllers, functioning with 3 windows 10 pro clients.


- Recently, I have created a couple of new users on the active directory of main server, and I noticed that, on 2 specific clients, the windows behavior is issued, working slow, not opening the start menu, and all applications are working slow (Other users on these stations node works normally).

- To explain myself better, if I login these users on 2 of 3 clients I get this slow issue, but if I login in the other remaining client or other servers, the users and windows behavior works ok normally.

- I checked the configurations with active directory and compare with other nodes inside the domain, and I don't find any difference.

- Tried also re-entering these 2 nodes clients to the domain, and same behavior.


Could you please help me or give me some tips to check?



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Task Manager\Processes tab then sort on the CPU and or MEM columns to see what process consumes the resources.      



Hello @Dave Patrick and thanks for the reply.


The processes are not the case, CPU use and RAM use is really low. 


I checked the Windows Event Viewer and I am having several critical errors with ESENT ID 454, 494 and 490. Some issue with these specific nodes. 


I am searching how to solve this; do you have any thoughs?



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Thanks @Dave Patrick for your help.


I removed the users completaly and also deleted these cache files mentioned on the specific clients. I created the users again and now they are working OK.



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