Slow file copy Server 2012

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I have an issue with very slow share copy.  I have two servers side by side.  The 2016 server copies to the 

NAS at about 70Mb/sec.  The 2012 copies at 3-4Mb/sec.


The 2012 Server is lightly loaded.  50% of 32gb in use.  Low CPU usage.

Off the shelf dell with H330. 

Fully patched


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Hi @gwill1010 ,

you have to check for any switches between the 2012 and the NAS. Try also if possible if any cables have a problem/ the NIC of the 2012 is fully working for 100%, check if there is any other network traffic etc.

If u didn't regulate the network traffic on you 2012, you can say for pretty sure it's not a software problem.

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Thanks very much @Schnittlauch .  Will give it a look.