Single GPO vs. Multiple GPOs

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I am pretty new to setting up Group Policies. Is it better practice to have mulitple GPOs rather than one GPO. For example, should I have seperate GPOs for mapped drives, windows updates, mapped printers, etc. or is it okay to make one "big" GPO with all these paramaters? Thank you very much!

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@Tim Hunter 
imo, there is a place for both. it depends on your size and set up of your environment. If you have a single location with all your users, then bandwidth to dl/pull the gpo data from your DC should not be a problem - then a single gpo can work...




if your users are spread and you have a centralized topology, then you may find performance challenges - here a set of single gpo's with the correct configuration (gpo refresh intervals, apply once and do not reply, registry vs windows settings) may be beneficial.


Good Luck.