€ sign in Univers font printing as a black box.

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This is my first post here so not sure if it's the right place. I think this is server related but not 100% sure.


I have an issue where the € sign in Word documents with the Univers font get printed as a black box, The print preview is ok and the printer also has the font installed, the printer uses the Canon Generic Plus PCL6 driver (printer type iR-Adv c3325).

This issue occured since the environment is moved to server 2016 and office 365 pro plus (from server 2008 and office 2010), it is a terminal server environment.

It seems to work ok on a windows 10 machine with the same office version printing to the same printer. It seems like the windows 10 machine has the Univers font built-in, i think it's built-in in the windows 10 installation because the font is not in the windows\font directory but does show up in Word.

We installed the font manually in the windows\font directory because it wasn't available built-in within the server 2016 machine, but it doesn't seem to print the € sign right.

I think it's server 2016 related but i'm not 100% sure.

Is anyone known with this issue and has a solution for it, or is it possible to extract the fonts from the windows 10 machine which aren't installed in the windows\font directory.


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