Shutdown Event Tracker on Windows Server 2019

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Hi all,


We've build some new servers and all have the same behavior after installing Windows updates. After the user logon Shutdown Event tracker keeps appearing.


A quick search pointed in the direction of a Windows update (KB4490481 - CU 2019-03). See link.

We can change this regkey but that's a workaround, not a solution.


I want to know if I forgot something or maybe someone has solved the problem. So please share your thoughts about this.

What I did to reproduce the problem. Started with a fresh machine, WS 2019 Standard version 201911.
After installing:

  • CU 2019-09 - KB4512578 > already present after the installation > logon goes fine.
  • Installed CU 2020-03 - KB4538461 > reboot > no problem
  • revert to the fresh installation
  • SSU 2019-11 - KB4523204 > reboot > no problem
  • Installed 2020-03 - KB4538461 > reboot> no problem
  • Log off > no problem
  • Reboot, with a reason > Other Unplanned > no problem
  • Let the machine crash with Not My Fault> after booting > Shutdown Event Tracker is appearing, which makes sense. 
  • Log off > shutdown event tracker is back.
  • Reboot (with a reason: Other planned) > and SET is back
  • Uninstall CU 2020-03 -KB4538461 > reboot > still there
  • Uninstall SSU 2019-11 - KB4523204 > not possible is required voor de computer
  • Install CU 2020-05 - KB4551853 > reboot > first time logon okay, next day it's back. 
  • Installed SSU 2020-04 > SET still present.


It seems to be a combination of the SSU KB4523204 and CU KB4538461.


I'm still testing some scenario's but I want to see anyone has a solution or tips to test.

Thanks for the feedback

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a quick update on this.

I've downloaded the latest iso (updated on 30/04/2020) and after some testing this seems okay. I didn't receive the pop up anymoren.

On other servers this popup didn't show up any more after the latest updates from June were installed.