Share and NTFS Permissions


Good day


Kindly assist me here, things seem not to be working out for me and am stressed.


I have a server: Win Server 2012 R2

I created a Folder: Sales Dept (With 2 Subfolders: 1. How To and 2. Compliance)

I created security group: Sales 1 and Sales 2
I am sharing the Sales Dept with my colleagues

Colleagues in Sales 1 have: Full Control

Colleagues in Sales 2 have: Read


I used both Sharing Tab and Security Tab as follow.


Sharing Tab:

I removed everyone and added both:

Sales 1 and 2 groups security groups and gave them full control


Security Tab:

1. I changed owner of the share under advanced sharing to "Administrator"- Server admin

2. I disabled inheritance

3. I added security group Sales 1 and gave them Full group

4. I added security group Sales 2 and gave them Read

5. I added mydomain/Administrator  and gave them Full control


When I get to worksations of members of all groups( Sales 1 and 2)

They all have full control

When I remove mydomain/administrator, I lose access to the share


Kindly assist

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