servermanager.exe event id: 1000

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I recently installed a new 2019 server and fully updated it. After getting it fully updated the servermanager.exe stopped working. it crashes every time you try to open it. The error box states:




I decided to look in the event viewer and found the following corresponding event:




I have tried multiple potential solutions.


  1. using powershell to reinstall .net3 and .net4
  2. using powershell to remove servermanager.exe and reinstall it
  3. Rename the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ServerManager\ServicingStorage\ServerComponentCache to ServerComponentCache.old
  4. using DISM /online /cleanup-image /checkhealth showed nothing
  5. using sfc /scannow showed nothing

I got nothing else. has anyone else seen this and managed to resolve it?

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Some other things to try;


a clean boot

create a new local account and logon

repair install by running setup.exe from the root of install media


Given what you've already tried, my suggestions here are likely to not be fruitful either. If it were me given a new install I'd not waist any more time with it and clean install it.






I am currently running with the theory of SentinelOne causing this... I found this thread today.. I need to either update or remove S1 to test.


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