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Server unable to view IP camera's RTSP stream

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I have a IP camera connected to a managed switch. The camera is configured with static IP, and running TCP connections via RTP over RTSP.

 On the same switch I have my laptop(running win 10) and a server (running windows 2016) connected, also with static IP address, camera, PC and server,  all in same subnet..

Here comes the issue..

On my laptop I can access the Camera’s web-based management pages, login and see the video stream and settings, I can also access live video from the RTSP address.


But for some reason I can’t view the camera’s RTSP stream on the server on the application.

I have port 554 open in the server firewall, I have even tried to turn off the firewall..

When I enter the IP address in a browser on the server, I'm prompted for the login credentials , so I know it is connecting on some level. However, once I enter the credentials, I receive no error, it looks like it logs in, but halted at the login screen, also no video. I know the camera is working with browser, because I can log in the same way on my laptop.

So what have I missed on the server / windows server 2016 ? a role or feature to install ??

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@schou84 hi, did you ever figure out this issue. I am having the same problem and haven't found a solution. I appreciate any help, thanks!