Server 2019 Standard Retail Product Key Damaged

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Recently purchased a new HP server bundled with Server 2019 Standard.

I was going to activate with the product key but I was rubbing off the sticker to get the key, i invertedly scratched off parts of the key as well.

I have contacted the supplier who i purchased the HP Server bundle and they basically said that i have to either guess the missing number or buy a new license. Both of which dont work for me.


i have been trying for a few days now to get in touch with the right person or team to assist but all i have to show for is hours on hold and today marks the 6 different support person who has called me up to pass me on to the next. 

i  know it not per say a technical problem but i hope that someone else may have had this problem and know how to resolve it. 

appreciate any help





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The reseller (HP) is bound under contract with microsoft to provide support for the products they sell so you'll need to contact HP support.