Server 2019 MAK Key (VLSC) not recognized by VAMT (Version: 10.1.22000.0) in Server 2022

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As title, i am trying to import MAK key(s) provided by VLSC into VAMT with version 10.1.22000.0 installed in Server 2022.


MAK Key(s) for the following OS(s)/Office

Win10, 11 (Edu/Pro)
Server 2016, 2022


could be imported successfully.


However, the following message was shown when i was trying to import the MAK key of Windows Server 2019 Standard:



When i try to click the link in this windows: Check for updates online
404 was given (it was trying to download adksetup.exe shown in URL, is my vamt outdated?)

All updates in windows update were installed and no pending update is available for the OS

Does anyone encounter this circumstance and how to let the VAMT import Server 2019 Standard MAK key?


Thank you for your assistance!



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Any luck resolving the issue?

I'm experiencing the same thing.

@BHBDAA I'm also having this issue. Did you get it resolved?