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Howdy ya'll,


In our business we have a Dell Windows 10 pro that we have been using as an application server.   We've started running into the Windows Pro connection limit, so I have ordered a copy of Server 2019 Essentials to install on this device.  The ONLY thing I need is to have a larger connection limit.  

I don't need any other server service at all.  No DNS, no domain management, no nothing!  Just a higher connection limit.  We have another server that does all of that other stuff.

My Dell salesman tells me that while they have sold me the correct version of 2019 Essentials with the correct licenses, they do not provide any technical support for actually installing this product.

I am windows client software developer, but have never installed a server before.

So that leads me to two questions.


1) Can I get telephone technical support directly from Microsoft, or will they just tell me to call Dell, who will tell me to call Microsoft?


2) Can you recommend a good Server 2019 installation instruction document that I can study before the physical media arrives?



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For the 1 st question i am not sure to be honest, for the 2 nd question i found installation steps for Windows Server 2019 on dell web page :


If you install on Hyper-V VM this steps are correct


If you install direct on the server you can try the link from dell or this one below.