Server 2016 prevent user from deleting folders

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I want to prevent user from deleting Folders in a Network share on an Server 2016.

I tried all NTFS-Permissions, also deny-settings. But Nothing works.

Same Settings on an Server 2012 R2 works.


Is there a Problem with Server 2016 and ntfs-permissions?

Any help?


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Might try comparing the effective permissions between the two servers for both NTFS and SHARE permission.




Hi Dave,

the effective permissions are identical and shows the correct values

SHARE permissions on the main Folder are set to: allow all for everyone.


any other tips for me?



Not really; they cannot be identical. Remember there are two things to look at share and underlying NTFS, the most restrictive applies if there are conflicts. Something here may also help.






Are you adding a security group to the NTFS permissions? Are you logging off and on to allow it to take effect?