Server 2016 DC promotion

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I am relatively (very) new to server administration. I've been tasked with replacing our 2012 DCs with 2016 DCs. This has all gone fine until I promote them. I promote these servers to Domain Controllers and all of a sudden Windows falls apart. The start menu doesn't work, I access the settings app, open notifications, permissions seem to go bad. Opening ms-settings leads to errors stating there is no such application. This has happened to three of the four servers I have promoted. When it does go well, I can go back a week or so later to move some files only to realize the issue is back. 


Any suggestions, any more information I can give? 

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Might review the settings here, sounds like somethings amiss








No changes to the system's behavior unfortunately.

Sounds good, make sure the new ones are patched fully before promo. Try dragging the UAC slider lower.







Dang, nothing there either. Going to try to demote/promote them again this week. Not sure what else I can do. They act totally healthy during promotion and then fall apart after.