Server 2012r2 upgrade to 2016 keeps failing at 31%

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Hello experts, I was hoping to get some help figuring out why this windows server 2016 upgrade keeps failing. Is there a good log or place to start getting some details about why the upgrade will not finish? I have tried maybe 5-6 times, and each time this server gets hung at 31%. I have let it go for a full day, and I can see the CPU is barely ticking and there's no disk activity. I have done an in-place upgrade on 4 other VM servers similar to this, on the same hardware, but there's something about this VM that is unique and not letting me finish. When I hard boot the server, it reverts back to 2012r2 and there's some stuff on here that I don't know if I can migrate, so an in-place upgrade looks like my best bet. Thanks!

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An in-place upgrade is very risky and never recommended. Better option is to stand up a new one, patch fully and migrate roles over.

Log files that are created when you upgrade to a new version of Windows (



This is a full process of how-to and problems might happen during the process: