Server 2012R2 succeeded updates in history not showing up under installed updates

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Device with issue- Windows SQL Server 2012R2 

My Update history shows KB4055266 and KB4057272 succeeded but isn't listed under installed updates . I need to uninstall it because we think it may have caused unintended consequences to our Point of Sale system which is impacting our employee work performance.  My Windows 10 users started getting a memory access violation error performing a specific function in software that utilizes POS SQLserver(Windows 2012R2) shortly after these server updates.


How do I uninstall this "succeeded: installed update that isn't showing up under installed updates?


 The Windows server 2012R2



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There may be some interdependencies with these updates. For example KB4057272 was replaced by KB4076494 so you may need to remove the later .Net updates in order for these ones to show up as uninstall-able. Uninstalling .Net updates can be a risky move, might also ask subject matter experts over here for more assistance.




Thank you for the input Dave.  Much Appreciated.