Server 2012 on HP Proliant : Can't add new disks to existing partition

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Hi everybody,


because space begins to run low on our main file server (Windows Server 2012 R2), i added 3 more disks (3x 1TB) to the HP Proliant DL380p Gen8 machine.


- I used the "HP Smart Storage Administrator" to configure the new disks

- After Rebuild (Raid-5), the Logical Drive in question has now 3 more TB, diagnostics are ok.


- In Windows' Disk Manager the new Space appears as "Unallocated" right besides the existing partition.

Unfortunately all options to use the new space, "Extend volume", "New Volume" are greyed-out.


How can i use the new space in Windows ?







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Can't tell for sure from here but this looks like maybe an underlying hardware raid with a spanned storage space on top? If so this seems a difficult and complex situation. May have been better off to add the disks to the underlying hardware raid both for simplicity and performance.