Server 19 Storage Replication question and fail-over.

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I was wondering if there is a way to have a fail-over server system and storage fail-over in place as well.


We are using Windows server 19 Standard edition on 2 PCs. We want to have one server be the primary server with file sharing and with its own storage and backup disks. We also want the secondary server to be an exact copy of the primary where whenever data is added to the storage disk, it gets copied and updates the duplicated disk. 


Is there a way to have this setup as well as for the secondary server to be able to take over the file sharing role if the primary goes down? 


The way we have things setup currently is there are two server nodes on a cluster, both accessing the shared storage through the ISCSi target setup on a third server computer. My boss does not like the single point of failure on the storage box and we are looking for a way to have a secondary storage system in place with duplicated data from the main storage. 


Storage Replica does not seem to fit our needs as we are using the server 19 standard edition and have more than 2 TB volumes.

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