separate dns with AD

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should separate dns with AD ? DNS slave only windows server (not active directory) to reduce load for AD and load balancing dnsimage.png

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It all depends on the load, how many clients/servers/devices use DNS?
because last month we have problem server query large to dns server and hang service . should we want separate Authenticate and dns
You could do that to minimize the possibility of that happening again, don't over complex your environment of course :grinning_face_with_sweat: But how many clients use a specific dns server during the day? Do you have logging enabled and stats?
Do the colors indicate Purple/blue as the max number of queries, orange as the average, and red as minimal? I can't tell if this is a lot or not without knowing the number of clients.
about 50.000 clients . some app service every transaction will require dns recursive to internet and one hour about 10000 request / 1 hour
That's a lot, spread across a lot of locations? You can set the dns server of the location of the device to primary and fallback to another location. Load balancer must be able to handle a lot of sessions and if a cluster or? You don't want to create a single point of failure
so please suugest should using F5 Load bancing DNS server or still skip using AD as DNS and rebalancing all location by manual
If the load-balancer is redundant and you have redundant lines from all your locations to it... Then it's ok, but if not... Then you should be able to combine AD and DNS on one server per (large) location and set up the clients to use the local as primary and a remote one as secondary. It should spread the load.

i don't have insight in your locations, number of clients per location, etc. ;)
Did you have any progress?