Send email on event viewer event deprecated feature

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I am trying to configure email on event viewer events on server 2012R2, 2016, and 2019 servers.  However, that feature appears to be deprecated.  This was a great feature introduced with Windows 2008.  The only remaining task that can be run in response to an event now is to run some kind of script or batch job.  On the web, besides people being frustrated with the send email on event viewer event feature being deprecated, they are equally frustrated with the solution which is often to draft a lengthy powershell script to do the very same thing...which used to be very easy.

I have two questions, first is there something that has replaced this feature within Windows, something maybe I am missing?  Second, if not, what is truly the best way to do this now?

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@Dave Patrick  How Can I Make exe files to run applcation and send result in E-mail