Security group names for folders?

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We're currently redoing our storage infra and permissions. This also means implementing a good naming convention for the security groups which we apply to the folders to manage permissions.


Folder: G:\accounting\reports\monthly , gets security group: dg-fs-accounting-reports-monthly (dg = domain local group, fs = fileserver)

I don't know if this is best practice in terms of naming but it works for the scenario above and it's pretty clear from reading the name where it belongs to.


The naming becomes problematic when you have folders that already have dashes or underscores in them, for example: G:\finance\invoices_2024\invoices-paid\january
This conflicts with the naming convention for security groups used above where I use dashes to demarcate the next folder. You can't use slashes "\" or "/" and several other special characters in group names. You can use accolades "{" or "}" but that looks ugly.


How do you admins deal with this and which naming convention do you use for security groups (applied to folders)?





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I would avoid using any characters besides letters and numbers. You could do Camel case. It is just as easy to read and you aren't adding additional characters to the names.


I had an issue a while back where names I'd been using started causing issues in certain apps.  I ended up removing things like parenthesis from groups.  

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply. That's a good tip, I might implement that one. Cheers.