SBS Server 2011

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We recently been running into an issue with users logging on and not seeing there mapped drives and in some cases outlook asks for a user name and password. Not sure what may be the issue, can anyone help with this? 

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Hey Paul,


One of the most difficult things to troubleshoot from my experience of managing domains.


Those two things I believe would be related through Single Sign on and domain security.


My best guess where to start would be logon scripts and group policy objects.

You can also see local event viewer logs from the computer and look for group policy related things.


It could also be a bad connection during logon causing the GPO to not map during the credentials being inserted.


Another thing to ensure is that the password and username is sync'd between the local users computer and the domain controller.

Thanks Nathan for you quick response, we cleaned up DNS which had entries of old computers and duplicate address and it seems to be runining fine now. We are not using login scripts but group policy to map network drives.