S2D Recovery

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Having an issue getting my S2D healthy again. Had some drives taken offline on one of the nodes and seems after some time they would not come back online even though they were up again. I was on a 2019 preview build and figured that node was fubar anyway I rebuilt it. I have tried reset-physicaldisk and Clear-PhysicalDiskHealthData but the disks are still associated with the old host even though it was evicted. I've tried retiring as well.
get-physicaldisks shows the disks are: Retired, Removing from pool, Lost communication
they cannot pool because they are already part of a pool.
These disks still have pool data so ideally would want them online on the new host and repair them. Can't seem to get these disks to be usable again.
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Manually remove the disks from the old host's storage pool before attempting to add them to the new host using the Remove-PhysicalDisk cmdlet.

Consider performing a data migration or backup and restore to move the data from the old pool to the new pool using a different set of physical disks.

Contact Microsoft support for further assistance in resolving the issue, as they may have additional troubleshooting steps or guidance that could help resolve the issue.