S2D 2016 4 node cluster network connection status failed



Wondered if anyone has come accross where after updating an s2d cluster node with windows update, one of the cluster network connections shows as "failed" and only shows on the node that was updated.

However, the node functions ok, I don't see any issue with connectivity.  

The cluster hosts  are configured with; one connection for host connectivity, one for VM, and one for storage.

There was a problem after the update, where one of the virtual disks went offline (odd issue), but after sometime, the cluster restarted the service on that host, and the virtual disk came back up.  But the status of the network connection on the host shows as failed, even though everything seems to work.

Maybe a restart is all that's needed, and this is a false status....?  I will restart this host at a later time, and will update.

But if anyone know how I can reset status without a reboot, I will try.  Thank you

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Note that a reboot resolved this issue. Seems that the status icon was just stuck. Also realized that I hadn't been putting disks into maintenance mode before reboot.  Could potentially have caused some issue.