Rollback option in case of In-place upgrade of Windows server 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 Fails


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I would like to know if Rollback option is available in the event of failure while performing the upgrade of windows server 2008 R2 to 2012 R2?


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Depends on how far the in-place upgrade progresses, but in general there is no system restore with server operating system. An in-place upgrade is never recommended because of risks and corruption carry-forward. Better to clean install, patch fully, migrate roles over to it.



@Dave Patrick suppose the In-place upgrade fails at initial stage then what will be the procedure to rollback and also i would like to know if the upgrade fails at final stage then any rollback option?
Actually there is a third party application running on the server 2008 R2 and all the data is getting store in SQL server management studio so i want to be 100 % sure of rollback option in case something go wrong during the in-place upgrade activity.

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There is no roll back, if the upgrade fails to start then no changes will be made. If something goes south somewhere in the middle then you could be left with nothing. The much cleaner / safer (100%) method is to clean install, patch fully, migrate roles / applications over to it. Something here might help.




@Dave Patrick Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions, i really appreciate your efforts. 

Sounds good, you're welcome.


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