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I tried to disable the ability for our RDS terminalserver users to install windows updates respectively I wanted to disable the message about new updates.

So I changed our windows updates GPO for the RDS servers and added the option to "remove access to use all windows update features", because misleading i thougt this setting would only affect default users and NOT the administrators. Sadly the setting also affects the admin users.


Then I tryed to change the set GPO setting from "enabled" to "not configured", which did not work.

Then I change the setting to "disabled", which also did not work.

Then I made a completely new GPO and configured the setting in this GPO to "disabled".

RSOP.msc shows, that the new GPO respectively the disabled settings is correctly applied.


Regardless the windows update settings are still greyed out with the hint "the option is managed by your organization".



How can I reset the access to the windows update functionality on the server?



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All GPOs settings are hard-coded with registry , according to your policy settings For users, to Remove access to use all Windows Update features we could edit below registry key:


Prevents users from connecting to the Windows Update website.

Range = 1|0

1 = Enabled. All Windows Update features are removed.
0 = Disabled or not configured. All Windows Update features are available

I would suggest with creating a new policy with register hive gpo settings referred to above path by deleting the key for one or two server and place it to all servers based on OU / Domain level
Thank you for the reply.
I tryed the folowing settings:



sadly non of them worked; the server still shows the message "This option is managed by your organization."
Please check any of the concerned device as still pointing the backed link using Gplink and GPoption attribute from ADSI edit
sorry, I don´t what you exactly mean? what do you want from the ADSI edit?
Possibilities -I

When any group policies using Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc), all policies are stored in the following folders:


To reset or remove all applied group policies, you just need to delete these 2 folders: GroupPolicy and GroupPolicyUsers.
Force the policy


The gPLink attribute holds a list of all Group Policy containers linked to the container and a number for each listed Group Policy container, that represents the Enforced (previously known as No Override) and Disabled option settings. The list appears in priority order from lowest to highest priority GPO.
The gPOptions attribute holds an integer value that indicates whether the Block Policy Inheritance option of a domain or OU is enabled (0) or disabled (1).

Navigate to mentioned OU, where the servers reside, and ensure the GPlink option based GUID is still available even after removing the GPO
thank you for the reply!
I tried option 1 and deleted the GroupPolicy and GroupPolicy-User folder in system32.
after gpupdate /force and some additional reboots the folders still don`t get generated automatically again.
In my oppinion the server does not pull any new GPOs / GPO sesstings from the AD.
Check any events %SystemRoot%\System32\Winevt\Logs\Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy%4Operational.evtx

I have tested this by deleting all the subfolders from the root folder and event says

Next policy processing for domain\user will be attempted in 102 minutes.

I have a similar problem. After disabling WSUS server and removing the associated GPO. It seems that the GPO is still active because I am still seeing the message “*Some settings are managed by your organization” on all my DC, servers and Windows 10 clients. I have ran gpresult /h gpreport.html and checked resultant set of policy. I am unable to detect where the GP is still be applied. Any help will be appreciated.