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Can users connecting to Server 2016 be restricted from connecting their local drives to their server session? I'm guessing maybe in Group Policy?

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It depends what you mean by "connecting".
You can block RDS drive redirection using Group Policy by example.

@Alban1999 By "connecting" I meant connecting to a terminal server session using RDP/RDC from home or from their onsite, local PC and using the Local Resources tab/Drives option to move data between machines. I would assume that group policy would manage both since they are logging into our domain. I'm just not clear on exactly where to find the setting but I'll hunt.

Unable to find anything, I searched the Internet and found this but will wait for some confirmation:
In "Server Manager", go to "Remote Desktop Services" tab, then "Collections", then "QuickSessionCollections" and in the Properties of the collections click in the "TASKS" drop-down. Select "Edit Properties" and then "Client Settings".
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Edit a GPO then browse Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Remote Desktop Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Device and Resource Redirection -> Do not allow drive redirection.

Of course, be sure to test those changes before implementing them in your production environment.
For the record, it worked. I'm assuming Best Response is the only option as I see no Solution option.