Remote Desktop File Type Association

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I am configuring a Remote Desktop environment based on Windows Server 2019 servers and Windows 10 clients.

I installed the roles and created a Collection to publish some RemoteApps.

Everything works fine except file type association.

Even after saying that a published RemoteApp (let's say, Wordpad) should be associated with .rtf files, if I try to open an .rtf file on the client (after configuring and updating "RemoteApp and Desktop Connection") the file is still opened with the locally installed version of WordPad.

If I publish an application with a specific set of file name extensions I don't see all the file name extensions in the property of the RemoteApp neither I can add extensions.

I am quite sure I missed some critical step, but up to now I was unable to locate a complete step-by-step documentation about requirements and steps to configure the file type association and, if possible, about the whole of the process of publishing RemoteApps

Where can I look for such documentation?


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