Remote Desktop and Connection Broker

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I need a clarification about Remote Desktop Services for Windows Server 2019.
In order to implement a POC in a lab environment (on premise), I see I need to deploy a Domain Controller (not strictrly required but highly recomended) and a RD Session Host.
Should I deploy a RD Connection Broker as well?
Can I let clients connect directly to the RD Session host?

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Hi, Marius.

Since you mention "RD session host" in the singular, not plural, context, then I'd suggest there's no value in deploying a session broker. The real answer is probably "it depends" but I'm trying to give you something a little more tangible.

If you were deploying two or more session hosts then it might be worth deploying a broker. The same would be true if you wanted your pilot to reflect a production-quality pilot for comprehensive testing purposes.

But if your main focal points are things like the user experience, application compatibility (including the nefarious context of printer drivers!) with perhaps a longer-term view of running a pilot or demonstration, then just skip the broker.