Regarding whether windows server has a quick start port listening scheme

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Linux servers all have a certain version of Python installed by default, and Python can provide a simple service, it is very easy, You can quickly create a port listener for testing network connectivity

Python2:python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

Python3:python -m http.server 8080

May I ask if there is a similar operation on windows server


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@zhifeng_ke You can use the Httplistener module, install-module Httplistener and then run Start-HTTPListener -Port 8080 . Perhaps you will need to allow the port in the Windows Firewall first depending on your environment.


For more information :



Yeah, you can. It's not a command like what you've used in your example but it's perfectly fine for network connectivity testing.


Here's an example using TCP 41000.


Start listening command:


($listener = [System.Net.Sockets.TcpListener]::new([System.Net.IPAddress]::Any, 41000)).Start()



Running a basic test command from on the host itself against the listener from above:


Test-NetConnection -ComputerName localhost -Port 41000



Finally, stop the listener:







Did it work out for you using the httplistener module?