Redirecting the Documents folder to a network share renames the Documents folder to the Username

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Windows Server 2012 R2


When creating a GPO for redirecting the Documents folder to a network share, the users Documents folder at the endpoint (not share directory) gets renamed to the Username instead.


The only way around this is to ensure that the share points to a subfolder so for example:-


%HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH%\Documents will mean the Documents folder as seen by the end user appears corrrectly.


Using %HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH% presents the Documents folder as %USERNAME%.


Does anyone know of a workaround to display the folder called Documents correctly when pointing to the root of %HOMESHARE%%HOMEPATH%?


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Hey Chris, 

I belive by defaut folder redirection is Sending to C:\ServerFolders\Folder Redirection\User name. I want to say the documents folder and any other redirection is put into a folder named after the user then under that folder is where you will find the documents folder. if i'm understanding you question correctly.