Re: Revisiting SBS 2011 Standard Migrations

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Hello Everyone,

        My profile says I am an occasional visitor.. Sorry guys.. I have done a few migrations from SBS 2011 to SBS 2016.

However, I am about to do a SBS 2011 SP1 to MS Win. Standard 2016/2019. I am sure I will have to update the server to SP3? Or is this really necessary? Exchange is being used for email. Looking to move them to Office 365. Can anyone give me a good insight, best practices, and over all plan?

I am reviewing this plan. But is it a good plan for this situation? Is there a better one for my situation? Any pitfalls? Help Please.

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@Gerald Abarca Hello! I moved this comment from the blog you commented on, as it's more likely you will get an answer here in the Windows Server conversation space.