RDS RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

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In reference to RDS 2016


When using RDS RemoteApp and Desktop Connections I know that if you use Group Policy to create the connection it becomes the "Default" connection which then allows file type associations to pass through with Remote Apps. You cannot however use Group Policy to establish "Default" connections on computers that are part of the RDS deployment (specifically an RDSH server).  When you look in the event log after configuring the Group Policy to create the "Default" connection you see a message that the policy cannot be applied because the computer is a member of the RDS Deployment.  Does anyone know why this functionality can't be used within the RDS deployment?


My question isn't really troubleshooting why it doesn't work it is more to understand the Technical Limitation/Design decision.  I'm curious as RDS moves forward if this is a hurdle that can and will be overcome or if it is something I need to stop thinking about because it can't be done for some reason.


My ideal setup is to stream my applications from a collection of RemoteApp servers over to a collection of RDSH servers to control application access. Ideally users should be able to click on a file in their documents folder and have it open via a streaming app.


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