RDP not working on hyper-v server 2022

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I can only connect to any hyper-v server from hyper v manager on the fysical host.

When the connection is up and running i can start MSTSC from my local windows 11 and connect to the server and take over the session.


if i try to connect directly to the server i can logon but the connection gets droped.


when connected from the hyper-v manager the microsoft hyper-v videocard is installed.

when connecting using MSTSC the Microsoft Remote Display Adapter is also installed.


The Vm has all the latest update's installed.

In Hyper-V switching Enhanced Session mode has no results

The problem Exist on all my 2022 Hyper-V VM's


this is in the event log:

The Desktop Window Manager process has exited. (Process exit code: 0x800401f0, Restart count: 8, Primary display device ID: Microsoft Basic Display Driver)

this happens multiple times per second. 


The servers i have are all installed afther  8-8-2022.


anybody any sugestions? 




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@Ferry001 - I just setup a Server 2022 box on Hyper-V 2019 today, and am having the exact same issue.  Did you ever find a resolution?

Sophos Endpoint Agent is the problem. deinstall it and the problem is gone. I have not found the right setting for sophos yet to solve the problem it. I did find out that changing the setting of the firewall it is working on one server and not on an other.