RDP Blank Screen Lock/Freeze after Minimized Idle.

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Hello! I'm currently testing RDP for Windows Server 2019 for later deployment purposes and I am running into an odd problem. On machines that are Hyper-V machines I RDP into if I minimize them and wait a few minutes then restore the window I get a blank screen (color of the desktop). It stays this way for about 5-10 minutes then it recovers. This behavior does not happen on the HyperV host machine.


My environment:

- All Windows 2019 Servers. 1 host, 3 virtualized. All Virtualized servers exhibit the same issue.

- Everything is updated with patches.

- I'm connecting from a Windows 10 machine. Command line returns Version: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17763.379]. winver: 1809 (17763.379)


What I have tried (singularly):

- Disabling UDP using GPO.

- Disabling RemoteFX using GPO.

- A few other Googled results.


Still the problem occurs. I haven't even tested RDS yet and can't possibly roll that out to clients until this is resolved. I have attached a screenshot of what the RDP session looks like after I restore it from the Start Menu bar. 

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It seems to be network connectivity issue between local and vps. You can try from other network. 




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