RD Web Client (HTML5) Redirected devices

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I've recently installed the new HTML5 RD Web Client and all is working fine, with the exception of smart card redirection.  Our users need to authenticate to a secure website (using RDS) with a smart card.  We aren't using smart cards to authenticate to RDS, or the VM.  


When I connect to the VM through RDS, the options for device redirection are only clipboard and printer, not no smart card.



If I download the RDP file and connect through mstsc.exe, the smart card works fine.  It's only if I open the remote resource in the web browser the smart card isn't redirected.  


I've enabled the option on the RDS collection to allow smart card redirection, and it's still not working.


Am I missing something, or is smart card redirection not available through the web browser session?




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@RoryRussell I've also noticed this but in regards to drive re-direction. 

We'd like to be able to have drive re-direction in the HTML5 version of RDWeb and wondering if possible.

@DJK463 I've just updated to the latest version of RDWeb and now redirecting the microphone is an option, seems like smart card and drive redirection will come in time, when MS pull their finger out




We are waiting for that improvements to allow redirection of the drives.