Question around joining Windows Server VMs to Azure AD

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Hello experts,

one of our customers has just adopted a new on-prem Hyper-V host running Windows Server 2019. It will be used to run a few VMs such as a SQL Server, an application server and a small RDS farm (for which Active Directory is required to enable full RDS functionality based on my knowledge).

Currently our customer has no existing on-prem infrastructure in place. In fact, all users have an Office 365 license and their computers are joined to Azure AD.

I am seeking technical advice in order to check whether:

1) It is possible to join the new VMs to Azure AD in a way that Azure AD can actually be the complete replacement to the on-prem AD (which i doubt)
2) It is not possible to completely replace the on-prem AD and join the new VMs to Azure AD. As a result, at least one domain controller will need to be implemented on-prem along with the other VMs on the new Hyper-V host

Unfortunately, running the new VMs in the cloud is not currently an option.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


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