Printing preferences from the print server don't synchronize in Windows 10 version 1607

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I have new print server on Server 2016 and mix of HP, Samsung and Canon printers. Samsung printer is working fine. Canon printers are working fine. One HP printer is working fine because it is using host based driver and getting settings from print server. None of printers using HP Universal Printing PCL5 (v6.1.0) / PLC6 (v6.3.0) driver getting settings from print server. Double checked everything - it's not configuration issue.

I found out that problem is with Windows 10 1607 version only. Ok, on version 1511 problem with PCL5 persists but this is only one printer.

Found this article:

Hoped that it will help but it doesn't help at all. Not even making things worse. :D


So, what I have:

Freshly installed Server 2016 with print server role;

Freshly installed Windows 10 1607;

Freshly installed Windows 10 1511;

Canon/HP/Samsung printers.

No problems with Samsung PCL6 driver, no problems with Canon PCL6 and UFRII LT drivers. Problems only with HP Universal Printing PCL6 (and 5) driver.

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Hi Intis,
I'm assuming you're using the latest drivers by HP for this.
Just for the sake of troubleshooting - any chance you've tried installing any of the printers that are using the problematic driver locally on a Windows 10 1607 machine?
It will be easier to move forward if we narrow down this issue to client or server.

What I think should happen is that you will see the same problem with the printer installed and connected locally. Let's make sure that's the case.