Printer Group Policy on a TSDisconnect not working correct on server 2022

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We have users that roam between floors and we have one Group Policy handling the printer setup. So when the user is on Floor 1, they get printer A and B, but when they disconnect and go to Floor 2 they get printers C and D. and the default printer changes according to the floor they are on. The GP is setup so that if they are on a Floor 1 endpoint computer it gives out printer A and B. All of this is setup in one GPO and it is divided up by floors. I can simulate this problem on two computers setup at my desk lab.  We used to use Server 2012 and it worked just fine. When the user would do a tsdisconnect,  and  connect back to their session, the printers would change per floor. I know it is the same session, because programs stay open. We went recently to Server 2022 and this stopped working. The printers from Floor 1 stayed and never changed to Floor 2 printers. So I dropped back on a test machine to Server 2016 and it works fine with that version as well. I have not tried 2019, but we had similar issues of it giving us "ghost sessions" that we couldn't kill, which is a whole other problem. It seems like since 2012 or 2016, the server family has some weird problems.  I searched high and low for people with similar problems, but most people seem to "lose" their default printer, and I don't have that issue, I can't get it to change according to GPO. 


Thanks for an insight on this.

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I found that if the June update to Server 2022 will allow it to work, but not reliably and depending on the GPO I attach to it, but the July update breaks it again.