Print server rename

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Hello, one of our Windows 2019 servers has the network print server role. If we rename the server do each of the client's network printers need to be adjusted to reflect the new name or do they automatically get mapped to the new name?

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Are the printers published in Active Directory and connected like that?

@Harm_Veenstra we do not currently publish the printers via AD

Ok, that would make it easier for users to find/connect their printers... Anyways, the server name change will require the users to add the printer again or you could use a GPO to add the printers for them.
After some more consideration I think my best course of action is to migrate the print server role to another existing server and then post server rename migrate the role back to the newly renamed server.
Sound like a plan, let us know if that works out for you :)
Any update?