Password policy requires complexity even though disabled in Group policy

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We recently build new environment with Windows 2019 STD and migrated all users from old domain. I wanted to exclude password complexity for particular OU, so i created a separate policy and linked with that OU. After apply this policy, i was unable to change the password for AD users in that OU, getting error "Password does not meet password policy requirements". 


I was suspecting the Domain controller policy overriding, since i am changing password from one of the DC. So i removed password policy restriction from Domain controller group policy but not working.


My OU and Domain controller policy modified as below,


Enforce password history                  - 0 password remembered

Maximum password age                   - 0

Minimum password age                   - 0

Minimum password length               - 8 Characters

Password must meet complexity

requirements                                     - Disabled

Store password using reversible

encryption                                          - Disabled


Please suggest solution.



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I have this exact same issue but with the clients. It's very aggravating. What am I missing?!?!