Pairing IOS device to Windows Server via Bluetooth

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I have an application which requires I pair an IOS device to Windows Server via Bluetooth.  

What I have found in testing is that IOS devices don't appear to be able to be paired with machines running Windows Server.  I have tried Server 2008R2, 2016, 2019, and 2022, on 5 different hardware platforms along with 2 different Bluetooth USB dongles, both of which worked fine on my Windows 10 Pro laptop.  In all cases, I could complete the initial pairing of the device via Bluetooth, but the mobile device showed “Not Connected” almost immediately.  On the mobile device, when I select the server that was just paired via Bluetooth it shows “Connection Unsuccessful <hostname> is not supported.”.  The only option offered at this point on the mobile device is “Forget Device”.


Can anyone confirm whether there is a known limitation on pairing IOS devices via Bluetooth to any version of Windows Server?

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It does seem to be supported, also check and the link in that post. The server is completely updated? Not sure if Bluetooth HID devices are supported (keyboard/mouse) or that you can do something with a phone.... (Does Android work?)

@Harm_Veenstra Servers are patched, Android device appears to work OK, in that it shows "Paired".  I'm guessing either Microsoft or Apple decided not to allow this type of connection.  If anyone can confirm, please let me know.

Has anyone else been able to confirm this?