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My pagefile is getting very large. I have it set to "Automatically manage paging file size". Any suggestions on how to decrease the size or make it more efficient? Thank you.



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@Dave Patrick 


2 Questions:


1 - I have 2 identical servers running Server 2016, on one server I can see the pagefile.sys under the C drive on the other server I do not see the pagefile.sys. Is there a setting for this? I already am showing hidden items.


2 - Is it okay to delete pagefile.sys or is this not recommended. I see the option in the settings to have "No Paging File"


Thank you.

1.) Can you post same screenshot as above for second server?

2.) It is a possibility but not recommended unless you have very large memory.






@Dave Patrick 


2nd Server


Looks like it should be on "Selected drive:" C: with a size of 23913 mB



@Dave Patrick 


So are you saying I should uncheck "Automatically manage..." and check Custom size and set to 23MB. Why does the Recommend only show 4479MB?

Sorry, I guess I was looking at the wrong screenshot. This site does some weirdness when you click on Reply button. I'd suggest uncheck Automatically Manage, then radio button for System Managed, then check box again followed by Set button