Outdated patches being flagged out by offline WSUS scan

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Hi all, I currently have a Win 2008 R2 server on my environment.


As it is a isolated environment with no internet access, I have been patching the server manually through WSUS export/import process.

I understand that it has already been declared end of life by Microsoft early this year.


So to completely declare my server is free from any further updates, I ran the offline scan (Scan-UpdatesOffline.ps1), the script flags out that I am missing these 2017 patches although I have the Jan 2020 security updates installed.


Tried to install them manually but the installation keeps failing.


Is there any way to know safe to ignore them as a false positive so I can let my higher-ups know?

And does the CVE that comes with them are fixed from the Jan 2020 security updates?


Thank you

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Why do think they are outdated?
unless you installed the big Rollup KB3125574, all those updates are still applicable



Firstly, thanks for the reply.

I think its outdated because I already has the latest 2020 updates installed on my machine.

KB3125574 was installed on my machine, so the updates are no longer applicable?



May I know where do you get this information from?

Can you share it with me?

@WaynerH Windows 7 / S2008 R2 still require updates that goes back to 2012


yes, KB3125574 replace them all on the contained components level (verified myself)


unfortunately, Microsoft have/had a rule rgarding metadata supersedence: optional or quality updates do not replace security updates

that's why you don't see in MU catalog that KB3125574 replace


i cannot provide you with a solid evidence of this
however, KB3125574 actually live-up to the info mentioed in its KB article
meaning, it does replace all post SP1 updates, except the hotfixes listed explicitly (IE updates are exempted of course)